What others are saying…

I suffer from a few auto immune conditions and decided to work with Courtney as I thought I had tried everything.  I was gaining weight, I was tired and my work was suffering.  After working with Courtney and implanting her suggestions the first week I lost 6lbs of water weight that I haven’t been able to get rid of.  It’s been 3 weeks of following Courtney’s suggestions and I have so much more energy, my stomach doesn’t hurt all the time and I’m finally ready to start working out again.  – Sarah T.

Courtney is compassionate and knowledgeable about nutrition and fitness.  I loved working with her and after our nutrition sessions were finished I was able to continue by myself with the knowledge she shared with me.  – Diane S.

After working with Courtney, I noticed I wasn’t bloated after all of my meals anymore and my digestion improved along with my acid reflux that was causing me insomnia.  The weight I lost was also an added bonus.  – Camille M.

Courtney is such a motivating personal trainer.  She pushes you in a kind way that makes you want to keep going.  Her workouts are always different and she listens to me.  If something doesn’t feel right, I can tell her and we change exercises or work specifically on those weaknesses.  – Taren R.

I am nursing my 4 month old and Courtney helped me figure out what was in my diet that was impacting my son.  Not only do I feel better, my son is sleeping better and is overall happier and more comfortable. – Jessica K.