Monthly Macro Coaching and Accountability 

My most popular coaching program is flexible dieting approach.  This leaves no food off limits!  You will learn how to eat and fuel your body with just the right amount of macronutrients (fat, carbs and protein) your body needs for your goals whether they be fat loss, maintenance or muscle building.  You will learn about eating clean, 80% of the time know it’s ok to indulge in some of your favorite foods the other 20% without any guilt.  When you find this balance, you will be able to reach your goals without another fad diet again!

This program will be tailored to you and your specific goals and lifestyle.  You will learn about flexible dieting, about macro nutrients and their role in your diet and how to eat according to your specific macros.  This is a monthly program that includes daily access to me through text or email with weekly reviews of your food log, pictures and measurements.

What you will get:

Custom macro-nutrient prescription to fit your goals
Learn how to weigh, measure and meal prep
Goal Setting
Weekly Food Journal Review
Open communication with me via text and email at all times
Weekly Challenges to keep help you create new habits and maintain them
Billed monthly
Macros re-calculated based on changes in fitness, weight-loss, going on vacation, etc.

Cost- $99/ month (2 months due at sign up)


Customized Macro Meal Plan 

You will receive a one month of meal plans that fit your macros and dietary restrictions.  Your meal plan will include meals , a grocery list of ingredients and full recipes.  With this plan you will also have weekly 20-30 min. phone calls with me to discuss progress, answer questions and make changes to your plan if necessary.

Cost- $139/month


One time Macro Assessment

This is perfect for anyone who is already familiar with macros or doesn’t require the extra support and accountability to count macros or calories.  This will include a ONE TIME assessment of your macronutrients and caloric needs based on your activity level and goals.  You will receive meal prep tips and tricks, a daily caloric and macronutrient prescription to be successful with your flexible dieting.

Cost- $49

Personal Training

Personal Training- Dialing in your nutrition and exercise go hand in hand.  I am a certified Cross Fit coach and NASM certified personal trainer with 4 years of coaching and personal training experience.   I work with all clients from all walks of life and all fitness levels.  I work hard to make sure clients feel a low pressure, encouraging and supportive environment when we work together.  I will bring equipment and come to your house or we can meet at my gym in Maple Valley during select hours.  This is only offered to local clients in Maple Valley.

Silver Personal Training Package– 12 fifty five minute personal training session with programming designed for you and your specific goal. – $469

Gold Personal Training Package– 12 fifty five minute personal training sessions + Nutrition support with meal plans- $579

Platinum Personal Training Package -Everything that is included in the Silver package with additional personalized workouts for you to do at home or in a gym on the days we are not training together.  – $659

Online Personal Training

How does online personal training work?

Online personal training is a great way to have the accountability and knowledge of a personal trainer at your finger tips without the high cost or worry of scheduling conflicts.  When you sign up for online personal training, I will reach out to you and find out more about your goals for personal training.  I will have you fill out some questionnaires to find out your current stats, fitness level, where you will be working out and what equipment you have available and learn about any previous or current injuries or medical conditions that we may need to work around.   We will do a first time assessment through Skype so I can see how you move and talk to you a bit more about your lifestyle and fitness history.

After your initial Skype Session, you will receive an invitation to join the platform I use with my online clients to see your workouts and directly communicate with me.  There is an app you can download on your phone to have your workouts handy during travel, or at the gym.  In your app you can track your progress, add measurements, weight, and before and after pictures if you choose.  You can also track the weights you are using in your workout to see your strength progress over time.

I will write workouts designed specifically for you and your goals and schedule them for you to view in your app and check them off when they have been completed.  All workouts come attached with short videos showing the movement and including tips for proper form.  You can also send me videos of yourself during various exercises to help perfect form and movement during your workouts.

Silver Online  Personal Training Package –  3 workouts per week designed for you and your goals.  Access to me for support and questions through email and messaging through your app.  -$59/ per month

Gold Online Personal Training Package– 4 workouts per week designed for you and your goals.  Access to me for support and questions through email and messaging through your app with bi weekly skype or phone calls to discuss goals, ask questions or have me evaluate form or movement patterns in real time. – $99/month

Platinum Online Personal Training Package– Everything included in the Gold Package with customized meal plans, grocery lists, recipes and nutrition support tailored specifically for you and your activities. – $199/month





Disclaimer: I am not a registered dietitian. I cannot and do not treat or diagnose medical conditions. My coaching should be considered advice, and not scientific fact. Please seek the approval of your physician before starting or changing your diet or exercise routine. 

*No refunds once paperwork has been processed. 





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