About Me


As a Certified Nutrition and Fitness Coach, I specialize in sharing with others the benefits of whole foods nutrition and helping my clients to incorporate new healthy habits into their busy lifestyles.  Growing up with a poor understanding of nutrition, I began my journey towards health after having my own children. My passion for health and nutrition grew as I began changing my eating habits and experiencing the benefits.  After two years of self study and helping others achieve their health goals, I completed my health coaching certification through the Dr. Sears Health and Wellness Institute .  I have since added a new certification through Balanced Bites Master Class and will soon be certified with Eat to Perform.   I have experience dealing with digestive and gut issues as well as extensive knowledge on the impacts food can have on overall well being and healthful energy levels.   Having experienced the health issues associated with eating the Standard American Diet, I have a compassionate understanding for the struggles that come along with diet and lifestyle changes.  I realize how diet impacts all body systems, not just weight.  I am dedicated to educating and helping others achieve wellness.

When I’m not busy helping others change their lives, you can find me hiking, camping or exploring the Pacific Northwest with my husband and three children.

My Philosophy

When meeting with new clients, I like to learn as much about your current habits and lifestyle as possible.  We will then collaborate together to make a plan of small manageable goals to work on over a period of time.   I don’t teach quick fixes or fad diets.  What I teach requires a bit of work and a small daily investment in your time.  In return, most people report they feel healthier, have more energy and less pain.  Invest in yourself and your body will thank you!

I don’t severely restrict calories.  I will teach you how to learn to listen to your body.  When you are eating the right foods, your body responds accordingly.

I teach how to eat real foods.  When working with me, you will learn how to read labels and identify which foods will help optimize your health and well being.  Health starts in the kitchen!

My first goals are usually nutrition based, but overall health and well being are so much more than that!  I focus on finding a balance between life, food and fitness.  No, you don’t have to become a gym rat to be healthy.  We can explore many other ways to incorporate enjoyable movement into your daily life.  It’s all about balance!

In the end, it is my goal to help you walk away feeling empowered and having the tools to help you take back and maintain your health.

Fitness and Personal Training

Fitness and nutrition go hand in hand and if you are ready to get started with both, or even just personal training, I can help you reach your goals.  I have been coaching and training since 2014 and I have found I love working one on one with clients.  Just like with nutrition, I will get to know you, any injuries and what motivates you.  A fitness plan won’t stick if you don’t enjoy it.  We will work together to come up with a plan that is suitable for you and your fitness level.  This isn’t a one size fits all plan.  I focus on strength training and metabolic conditioning to help you get the best results possible.

Many of my clients love that I am able to come to them to train making it super convenient for new moms, or those who are just too busy to get to a gym.

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